Pigeons' Rock of Raouché, Beirut

Our Story

We love Lebanese food. We love everything about it — from the small plates bearing bright colors and enticing scents, to the unique and subtle way ingredients are brought together. But the best part is sharing that mezze style meal with friends and family, unhurried, full of stories and lots of laughter. A Lebanese meal is as much about the experience as it is the ingredients.

We sought out that experience everywhere we went, from Portland to New York to our hometown of Seattle. We found plenty of generic Mediterranean food, but surprisingly, authentic Lebanese dishes were hard to find. Dishes like saniyet kibbeh, labneh, and fattoush. So, we decided to change that.

Named after Andrea’s father’s hometown of Damour, Lebanon, we opened Damoori Kitchen with the sole purpose of sharing authentic Lebanese cuisine with families everywhere. Our dishes are created from family recipes passed down through generations and crafted with authentic ingredients. Our mission is to bring you the same fresh, authentic Lebanese meals that you would find at dinner tables across Lebanon. We are driven by that authenticity because, at its heart, Lebanese food is more than a delicious meal, it’s about bringing people together.

Andrea and Conor Ryan
Owners, Damoori Kitchen