Pigeons' Rock of Raouché, Beirut

Our Story

Damoori Kitchen was started with a simple premise about Lebanese food: that nothing's better than the food cooked by teta (grandma).

Executive Chef and co-owner Andrea Ryan (née Matni) was raised in North Seattle to Lebanese parents and grew up enmeshed in Seattle's Lebanese community. Her summers were spent visiting family in Lebanon and hosting Lebanese relatives visiting Seattle. Whether at home or back in the "old country", big, communal family meals of home-cooked Lebanese food were a fixture: saniyet kibbeh, ruz wi djaj, fattoush, freshly-made hummus or baba.

Andrea met husband and co-owner Conor Ryan at Western Washington University in Bellingham, Washington, and Conor was hooked the first time he tried saniyet kibbeh smothered in taratour sauce. Together, they kept returning to the question — why wasn't it easier to find food like this? Healthy food and delicious — but also simple. Not many ingredients, and mostly unprocessed ones. Sure, there is plenty of generic "Mediterranean" or "Middle Eastern" food available. But how about the food that teta makes?

Named after Andrea’s father's hometown of Damour, Lebanon, Andrea and Conor opened Damoori Kitchen in 2017 with the sole purpose of sharing homestyle Lebanese cuisine. The dishes are created from Andrea's family's recipes passed down through generations and crafted with fresh, authentic ingredients. They are driven by that authenticity because, at its heart, Lebanese food is more than a delicious meal, it’s about bringing people together.