Featured Catering Menus

Damoori Kitchen has multiple catering menus to match your event. Here are the details on our catering services:

  • $100 minimum on all catering orders
  • $25 delivery to Seattle area locations
  • Free delivery on orders over $150 to Seattle area
  • Deliveries outside Seattle area available for additional fee
  • 4-5 day notice is advised
  • Individual utensils, paper plates, napkins, & serving utensils included
  • Disposable chafing stands and heating canisters can be included for a nominal fee

Didn't find a menu that fits your gathering? A la carte & custom orders available! Visit our online catering form to see the expansive list of dishes we offer!

Email hello@damoorikitchen.com to place your order today!

Traditional Beiruti

Hummus (gf, v)

Baba Ghanoush (gf, v) or Labneh with Za'atar (gf, veg)

Fattoush or Tabouli (v)

Lebanese Potato Salad (gf, v) or Za’atar Couscous (v)

Traditional Lebanese Falafel (2 pieces/person)

Djaj wi Ruz, Lebanese Chicken & Rice (gf)

Taratour Sauce (gf, v)

Lebanese pita bread (veg)

Pickled Cauliflower & Turnips made in house (gf, v)


Add Walnut Baklava for $2.75/person