July 29: Mezze Dinner + Wine Pairing + Live Music!

Our first Damoori Dinner Event will take place on July 29th featuring a Lebanese Wine Pairing Hour, Mezze Dinner, and Live Music by Walid Nakkour!

Email us to make your reservation today as space is limited!

Happy July, everyone! We have been hard at work planning our Damoori Live Music & Mezze Dinner Event on July 29th and we are so excited to finally share the details with you all!

The evening will begin at 5:30pm for those that choose to add the optional Lebanese Wine Tasting & Amuse-Bouche Food Pairing to their evening. This will be a very fun wine pairing. We will walk through tasting four Lebanese wines and each tasting will be paired with some great bites to bring out the flavor profiles of each pour. One pairing to look forward to — the Château Ksara Merwah, made with an ancient Lebanese grape varietal, paired with a bite of our Labneh Toast with Big Island Bees Chili Pepper Wilelaike Honey.

Our Mezze Dinner & Live Music will begin at 6:30pm. Your table will start with an array of Lebanese Mezze dishes, some traditional and some with a modern twist. We are also excited to be welcoming Lebanese musician Walid Nakkour on the oud (a Lebanese stringed instrument) and vocals for the evening. He will be doing performances indoors and outdoors so all our guests can enjoy his music! Mezze will be shared family style with your table and the main courses will be individually plated. To finish, we will be making our very popular Knafeh bi Jibn with Ackawi Cheese for dessert and paired with some fresh fruit (as you can't end a Lebanese meal without some seasonal fresh fruit!).

A few more notes about the event (how to order, etc.):

  • To order, email us at and let us know how many in your group and if you will also be joining us for the Wine Tasting. Please indicate each guest's main course selection (see menu above).
  • Please specify whether you prefer to sit indoors or outdoors and we will do our best to accommodate your request.
  • We will send you a nonrefundable $35 deposit/person to reserve your table. This deposit will be taken off your bill at the end of the July 29th event.
  • If you have any allergies or modification requests, let us know upon ordering and we will do our best to accommodate it!
  • Damoori Kitchen will close at 2pm on July 29th in preparation for the event and the dinner will be reservation only.
  • Currently, the max group we can accomodate at one table is 8 people.
  • Although we love kids at Damoori (we've got 2 of our own!), this evening might not have much to offer for those little ones. That being said, if you have a young adult that you think might enjoy the event they are more than welcome to join but there won't be any modified children's menu. All guests will have to choose an entree from the main menu.